The city isn't anything like the cinema classic. But it was still fun to visit. We only spent 1 full day here and mainly to see the Hassan II Mosque, Morocco's largest mosque. It is only 25 years old but quite a spectacle to behold. We took a guided tour of the interior after walking around outside to take pictures. The mosque can welcome a maximum of 105,000 people with 25,000 fitting inside the main hall. It is a beautiful example of Islamic architecture and a total of 10,000 craftsmen and artists participated in making this building a possibility. It's certainly worth a visit to Casablanca.  

Fez, Morocco

In April my wife and I took a 2 week trip to Morocco. We had an amazing experience being able to visit a lot cities in the country. Fez was probably our favorite one. The city has the world's largest car-free urban area inside the medina where you'll find all sorts of artisans selling their crafts, delicious restaurants and food stands as well as beautiful architecture that can date back to as old as 859. I'll admit that when we first entered the medina, I became a bit worried. Getting lost was inevitable. But that's part of the fun. We stayed at a beautiful dar (dar safferine) which is over 400 years old and served the best dinners we had during our entire trip in Morocco. There is so much to see and experience while in Fez. We did our best to see as much as we could in the short 3 days that we spent there.