Simmons Family in DC

Back in the fall I was able to photograph some family of mine, the Simmons. I've had the chance to photograph them for the last 3 years but mostly just the kids. This time it was going to be with everyone- mom and dad couldn't escape being in front of the lens anymore. The morning of the shoot there was nothing but heavy clouds and rain for miles with no end in sight. Eventually things cleared up in the afternoon and we had a great time on the National Mall. The goal was to get a great family image for their 2014 Christmas card. We were able to accomplish the task and get a lot of other great shots as well. Sometimes working with family can be difficult and stressful but I've always enjoyed photographing mine. Pictures of your family tend to be extra special as your photographing the ones you love the most. 

Simmons Kids_Laughing Holding Ellie_web.jpg
Ellie & Bill_Smiling at Each Other_web.jpg