Sahara Desert

This was hands down my favorite experience while visiting Morocco. Maybe it had been hyped up in my mind from watching countless Hollywood movies. But being able to ride a camel through the desert was simply amazing, especially when we rode to the top of a dune to watch the sunset. I still have desert sand in one of my pant's pockets that seem to stick to my phone every time I place my phone inside it. We took an all day ride to get from Marrakech to Merzouga, seeing sites along the way. I had so much anticipation built up and wanted to make it to our camp before the sunset. Sadly we arrived a little later than I had wanted but the sky was cloudy so it wouldn't have made a difference if we had arrived early. The camp we stayed at was called Desert Luxury Camp. It was great! The experience was glamping where we had a nice queen bed to sleep on and even running, hot water with our own bathroom and shower. Our meals were all made for us and the food was fantastic. We stayed for a total of 2 nights and 1 full day. The first night we experienced a sand storm just after getting into bed. So much for getting sleep that night. It violently shook our tent for most of the night and the whole time I was just hoping our lanterns that were suspended from the top of the tent weren't going to fall crashing to the ground. Thankfully the second night was much more peaceful.While in the desert we rode camels, took pictures, lounged at the campsite, and even used a snowboard to go down the sand dunes. Enjoy these images I took from our time in the Sahara. 

Plant and Red Rug_Sahara Desert Luxury Camp_web.jpg